How is vitamin C therapy used in the fight against cancer?

Vitamin C: Krebstherapie mittels InfusionenClinical studies have shown that vitamin C stops the development and spread (metastasis)of cancer cells . Cancerous tumors produce reactive oxygen species and use up the body's own antioxidants. Vitamin C is one of the most effective natural antioxidants and is available inside tissue cells, in the blood and in the spaces around cells. It is quickly used up in patients with cancer. Vitamin C infusions are a quick and effective way to replenish depleted stores.

Vitamin C: Holistic cancer treatment

Vitamin C infusions - an integral part of cancer therapyVitamin C therapy forms part of a holistic approach to cancer treatment. This therapy also helps to support chemotherapy treatments as well as helping to protect healthy cells against radiation. Vitamin C therapy, which involves the intravenous administration of high-dose vitamin C, is a gentle and effective way to treat cancer. Vitamin C therapy administered intravenously is considerably more effective at treating patients with cancer than vitamin C administered in tablet form.

In order to increase the overall treatment effect and improve our patients' chances of recovery, our vitamin C infusions are used in combination with hyperthermia treatments (local hyperthermia), vitamin B17 infusions, injections of cell extracts, and mistletoe injections.

What happens during treatment with vitamin C infusions?

The procedure is monitored by a physician and takes 30-60 minutes. Our vitamin C infusions are very well tolerated, and the treatment dose is adjusted to suit the individual patient and the type of cancer being treated. Patients can return home after the end of the treatment session.

Vitamin C for cancer patients – a useful complementary therapy

As vitamin C deficiency is common among cancer patients, vitamin C infusions have proven to be a particularly beneficial supplemental treatment. Generally speaking, cancer patients present with an impaired overall health status. This can be greatly improved through the use of vitamin C infusions. Research studies have shown that when patients are treated with vitamin C infusions their quality of life improves and their survival time is increased. In some cases, treatment may even result in tumor regression - this is why vitamin C therapy forms part of our overall cancer treatment strategy.

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