How is vitamin B17 therapy used in the fight against cancer?

Vitamin B17 acts as a natural chemotherapy agent and can be used to treat cancer. One well-known feature of cancerous tissue is that it continues to grow unimpeded, and will eventually infiltrate other tissues. In order to do so, the cancer cell uses a specific enzyme that helps it to cut open the surrounding tissue.

Vitamin B17 - a gentle treatment option against cancer.Vitamin B17 - a gentle treatment option against cancerWhen the cell absorbs vitamin B17, this enzyme also unlocks the previously harmless vitamin B17 molecule. This results in a poison being produced that can attack and kill the cancer cell in a targeted manner. Only cancer cells contain this enzyme. As a result, the poison is released not just inside the tumor itself, but also in cancer cells that have spread elsewhere. Vitamin B17 infusions are highly effective in treating cancer, and are particularly suited to treating metastatic disease.

Treatment efficacy can be increased by combining this treatment method with hyperthermia, vitamin C infusions and/or cell therapy using cell extracts. Vitamin B17 therapy is very gentle and is highly suitable for use in combination with conventional cancer treatment options (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy).

What are the different treatment options involving vitamin B17 therapy?

  • Vitamin B17 therapy using infusions
  • Vitamin B17 therapy using tablets
  • Vitamin B17 therapy using apricot kernels: fighting cancer through the consumption of natural apricot kernels

Vitamin B17 infusions represent the most effective treatment method. This route of administration is better than taking vitamin B17 tablets or chewing apricot kernels.

What happens during treatment with vitamin B17 infusions?

Vitamin B17 infusions are administered on weekdays. The procedure is monitored by a physician and takes approximately 1 hour. This type of cancer treatment is very well tolerated, and the patient can return home after the end of the treatment session.

Over the weekend, patients will continue their vitamin B17 treatment by taking either apricot kernels or tablets. The treatment dose is adjusted to suit the individual patient and the type of cancer being treated.

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