Hyperthermia: Heat treatment against cancer – a treatment method with a proven track record and long tradition

Hyperthermia: Anticancer therapy using localized, artificially-induced fever"Give me the power to create a fever and I shall cure any disease" – this is a quote by Parmenides, an ancient Greek physician (540-480 BC).

He knew that fever is not a disease but that it forms part of the body's natural response to disease. Modern technology allows us to activate the body's immune system by artificially inducing a fever in the area of the tumor. This technique of artificially inducing fever is being used successfully to treat cancer. It is referred to as hyperthermia or local heat therapy (local hyperthermia).

How is hyperthermia used to treat cancer?

The targeted use of localized, artificially-induced fever (local hyperthermia) is a pain-free way to fight cancer that is also gentle on the body. This method consists of heating cancer cells to 42-43 °C (approximately 107-109 °F). This process of heating damages and destroys the cancer cells, as well as activating the immune system's response to the cancer.

Hyperthermia: A gentle treatment option in the fight against cancer

Local hyperthermia is a gentle and relaxing cancer treatment option that can be used at any stage of the disease process. Depending on the exact clinical picture, hyperthermia will be used either alone or in combination with vitamin C infusions, vitamin B17 infusions, injections of cell extracts and mistletoe injections. All of the cancer treatments we offer are easily combined with conventional treatment options (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy).

The aim of hyperthermia treatment is:

  1. To destroy cancer cells through the application of heat
  2. To inhibit the cancer cell's repair mechanisms
  3. To prevent nutrients from reaching the cancer cell
  4. To improve the efficacy of radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments

What happens during hyperthermia treatment?

The procedure lasts 60 minutes, is pain-free and very gentle on the patient. Hyperthermia treatment is not available to patients with pacemakers. Our Center boasts a total of three Oncotherm EHY2000 devices. This allows us considerable flexibility in scheduling hyperthermia treatments, which means that waiting times are reduced to an absolute minimum.

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